Baseball Diamond

We installed this new Baseball Diamond to ensure kids could play baseball and softball safely and have a great time. And it’s beautiful too! Offers the opportunity for kids with special needs to participate as well, making it all-inclusive!

Apartment Complex Playground

Apartment complexes need a safe, fun and attractive place for local kids to play. Moya Construction delivered that for this new Oceanside community of 50 units.

Park Playground

This new neighborhood wanted a fun and safe place for local families to gather and children to play. We helped plan the layout and constructed the system.


Our client reached out to help create a nice spot for the family to gather around on nice nights; a firepit that fit seamlessly in the backyard.

Complete Bathroom Remodel

For this project, we not only came to upgrade the bathroom but we changed the layout to make the space more usable.

Home Addition

This homeowner needed more space and went with a full addition of a second story.